The L.A. District Attorney’s Office sued Kanye’s Yeezy brand for violating California’s law about shipping delays.

This law (Business & Professions Code Section 17538(a)) is essentially the California version of the FTC’s Mail Order Rule, and it requires that online orders “be shipped within 30 days” of the order being placed.

If a business can’t meet that deadline, and it doesn’t clearly let the customer know about a different shipping timeframe before they make a purchase, then it must either:

-Send the customer a full refund, or

-Send a written notice describing the expected length of the delay or offering to swap out the order for equal or better items and offering a full refund upon request.

The DA says Yeezy didn’t ship products from the Yeezy Supply site on time and failed to provide the required notices.

The lawsuit also accused Yeezy of making “misleading statements regarding its ability to ship products within a certain timeframe, particularly where customers paid an additional charge for expedited shipping.”

The DA sought penalties of “up to $2,500” for each violation in addition to “restitution on behalf of affected consumers.”  The parties ultimately settled the case for $950,000.