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Online Advertising & Ecommerce

Advertising and marketing drive business.  But false advertising and unfair competition can be disastrous.  Robert Freund Law can help ensure that your advertising complies with the relevant laws and protect your business from those who violate them.

Business Litigation

Virtually all successful business owners at some point will find themselves involved in business disputes.  Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, Robert Freund Law protects companies and professional reputations and knows how to present your case effectively.

Our Approach

Robert Freund Law helps ecommerce brands, marketing and talent agencies, and creators avoid and resolve disputes, with a focus on cost-effective representation and minimizing litigation risks and expenses.

 We know that business owners see legal issues as obstacles to be resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  Robert Freund Law has the expertise and experience to see the wide landscape of solutions for legal challenges, so that clients can get back to business productively and profitably.

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